Please remember we have moved to Blakehill Nature Reserve, Malmesbury Road, Leigh, Cricklade, Wiltshire, SN6 6RH

One of our young fawns enjoying some TLC.

Young fawns require specialist care and stay with us until they are fully grown and ready to be released.

''Hello, where is my dinner?!''

We often have sick, injured or underweight hedgehogs in our care, especially over the winter when they should be hibernating.

The best food to leave out for hedgehogs in your garden is cat or dog food, meal worms or specially formulated hedgehog food. Remember do not feed them bread, milk or fishy food as this will upset their stomachs.

Many of our littlest babies need a very gentle, patient hand to take over from mum.

Feeding, cleaning and keeping them warm is not as easy as it looks but always worth the effort.

''Whoooo's that coming in my cage?''

Owls and birds of prey do not welcome close contact so we always try to be as hands off as possible whilst giving them a safe environment to recover in.

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Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue
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Telephone: 01793 751412

Registered Charity Number: 1115926

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Recently one of the hedgehogs in our care unexpectedly had babies. They got checked and cleaned yesterday, they're all still with mummy and doing very well! 😊 ...

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A Few new patients in at the centre... 2 beautiful owls and a mole 😄 ...

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Need Advice?

If you are in doubt about what to do when you have found a wild animal that you think needs rescuing - Ring 01793 751 412 and we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with a baby bird found on the ground?

This will depend on a number of factors: Is it possible to put it back into its nest? Are the parents around? Is it a very active fledgeling(difficult to catch)? Is it injured? The answer to these questions will dictate the advice given. Generally speaking we do not wish to take any animal out of the wild unless absolutely necessary. Call the Centre 01793 751 412 for specific advice.

What should I do if I find a hedgehog out in the day time?

Hedgehogs are nocturnal so seeing one out in the day it normally a sign we need to intervene. If at all possible, gently pick up the hedgehog, use a towel or gloves to protect your hands. Put the hedgehog into a box/pet carrier with some bedding (a towel or shredded newspaper), the hedgehog will need to be kept warm. Call the Centre 01793 751412 and we will be able to give directions for you to bring in or provide further advice.

I have found a fawn on its own, what should I do?

Adult deer hide there babies while they are out grazing, they will often leave them for hours but check on them to feed or move them. If the fawn is uninjured, curled up, away from a road, then it is almost certainly best to leave it undisturbed. Please call us for specific advice, it may need to be checked again later to see if it has moved but staying with it will prevent the parent from returning. If the fawn is injured we will need to intervene.