Oak & Furrows, Blakehill Nature Reserve, Malmesbury Rd, Leigh, Cricklade, Wiltshire, SN6 6RA. Telephone: 01793 751412

One of our young cubs enjoying the sunshine.

This year we have cared for over 25 fox cubs who were orphaned, abandoned or whose home was destroyed. They require specialist care and stay with us until they are fully grown and ready to be released.

''Hello, where is my dinner?!''

We often have sick, injured or underweight hedgehogs in our care, especially over the winter when they should be hibernating.

The best food to leave out for hedgehogs in your garden is cat or dog food, meal worms or specially formulated hedgehog food. Remember do not feed them bread, milk or fishy food as this will upset their stomachs.

Many of our littlest babies need a very gentle, patient hand to take over from mum.

Feeding, cleaning and keeping them warm is not as easy as it looks but always worth the effort.

''Whoooo's that coming in my cage?''

Owls and birds of prey do not welcome close contact so we always try to be as hands off as possible whilst giving them a safe environment to recover in.

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Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue
Blakehill Nature Reserve
Malmesbury Road
SN6 6RH (SN6 6RA for sat nav)
Telephone: 01793 751412
E-mail: info@oandf.co.uk

Registered Charity Number: 1115926

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Meet some of our young pigeons, in total 39 of them arrived yesterday having been found in an abandoned building which had to be demolished. A lovely gentleman from Oxford council collected them all up and brought them over to us. ...

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Our new receptionist is doing very well 😊 a young ferret we had in last week, unfortunately not microchipped but has gone to a lovely ferret rescue in Swindon! 😊 ...

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