One of our young fox cubs enjoying the sunshine.

In 2017 we successfully cared for over 25 fox cubs who were orphaned, abandoned or whose home was destroyed. They required specialist care and stayed with us until they were all fully grown and then released around September time.

''Hello, where is my dinner?!''

We often have sick, injured or underweight hedgehogs in our care, especially over the winter when they should be hibernating. In 2017/2018 we overwintered around 140 hedgehogs and this year we are not far from reaching that again!

The best food to leave out for hedgehogs in your garden is cat or dog food (dry/wet). Remember do not feed them bread, milk or fishy food as this will upset their stomachs.

The summer is a very busy time for us.. baby season! Many of our littlest babies need a very gentle, patient hand to take over from mum.

Feeding, cleaning and keeping them warm is not as easy as it looks but always worth the effort.

''Whoooo's that coming in my cage?''

Owls and birds of prey do not welcome close contact so we always try to be as hands off as possible whilst giving they're recovering.

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Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue
Blakehill Nature Reserve
Malmesbury Road
SN6 6RH (SN6 6RA for sat nav)
Telephone: 01793 751412

Registered Charity Number: 1177380

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3 days ago

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue

We have a stand at today's Cricklade Festival. If you are around, do come and say hello. ...


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We looked for your stall but could not find you! Saw National Trust, RSPB and others, but not Oak and Furrows. 😔

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4 days ago

Oak and Furrows Wildlife Rescue

Our first patient yesterday was a poor Jay stuck in a peanut feeder! Luckily we were able to get him out by removing the peanuts and gently pushing him through one end of the feeder. He is now recovering in our care and we are hoping he is released soon 🤞👍 ...

Our first patient yesterday was a poor Jay stuck in a peanut feeder! Luckily we were able to get him out by removing the peanuts and gently pushing him through one end of the feeder. He is now recovering in our care and we are hoping he is released soon 🤞👍Image attachment


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OMG!!!!!!!! Poor thing!! You guys are AMAZING!!! <3

How on earth did he get in there!!

???? Well done for the extraction!

Sarah Amos ❤️🙄😁xx

Was he extremely hungry? Poor thing

Poor little chap!


Very odd as both ends are on the feeder?

Oh bless. Darn peanuts



One end of the peanut feeder lid was broken and it squeezed through to reach the peanuts.

You do so many wonderful things

Wee guy must have gotten some scare bless him . Well done for freeing him and getting him well

Bless him, hope he will make a full recovery.

Lizzy Bee

Poor guy, glad he is recovering.

OMG how on earth has he got in there. Hope he is ok, they are adorable birds.

Hers is my baby Jay who I raised from tiny and looked after for 7 weeks before transferring to wildlife sanctuary. He was amazing

Ahh, bless him, hope he recovers ok

Well done. Hope he's soon back in the wild.

Janet Miles

Matt Darbon

Bless him. Jays are beautiful birds <3

Poor mite....hope he is okay....thank you for caring for him 😊

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Telephone Enquiries

If you would like to ring the centre to enquiry about an animal you have brought in please ring between 1pm - 5pm.  Please also ring the centre regarding any animal calls.

Please do NOT email or Facebook as these messages do not get picked up quick enough and as with most calls the receptionist will need to ask a few questions to ascertain the situation.  Donations can be dropped off 7 days a week between 9am - 8pm.


23rd June 2018 Nitelife Duo
playing at The Cricklade Club, High Street SN6 6AY 8.30pm - 11.30pm tickets £7 in advance or £9 on the door.

NiteLife Duo are a popular local band playing hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's .

Tickets can be purchased from the Cricklade Club 01793 299079 or Oak and Furrows 01793. 751412

A heartfelt Thank You for our local community and beyond. As the Wildlife Centre appeal to raise £50,000 has drawn to a close, we have the absolute delight of confirming that through the kindness and support of our local community and beyond, we have successfully raised the funds needed to keep the centre operating into 2018.

We could not have achieved this feat without the unfaltering generosity of our supporters; who by attending our Christmas fundraising events and arriving at the centre with donations of not just money, but food and the items necessary to keep us going over the Christmas period, have undoubtedly saved our rescue centre from imminent closure.

A special thank you is also due to those supporters who ran their own events from pub quizzes to a ‘Pets Santa’s Grotto Day’ kindly donating all the money raised to our cause.

We not only owe an immense ‘Thank You’ to all those who have made this happen and got us to this point, but also a bit of an insight into where will we go from here.

The centre will be looking at how to operate more efficiently to keep running costs as low as possible, this will also include the hope of ‘going green’ and seeing how we could look to renewable resources to run the centre site, just outside of Cricklade.

Your support into 2018 will ensure we are able to continue to take in wildlife patients, giving them the care, they need for the best chance of returning to the wild fit and healthy.

We have been overwhelmed by the rallying round of our staff, supporters, trustees and patrons and we thank you in advance for your support in our continued plight to safeguard British wildlife

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