Wildlife Advice

With over 7000 calls received at the centre last year, each year we give advice to concerned members of the public concerning all sorts of British wildlife.

We decided to put the most common issues on our website along with some advice on how to tackle them yourselves, before making a call or visit to the centre. However, if you are ever unsure of the situation please phone us before acting!

Rescue Kit

If you would like to keep a basic rescue kit in your home or car incase you come across a casualty these are the things to find;

  • A medium sized cardboard box - Big enough for small mammals but small enough for fledgling birds who may slide around in large boxes!
  • A few old towels - to line the box and provide bedding for the casualty.
  • Gardening/thick gloves - in case you need to pick up a small mammal which is spiky or may nip you.

You could also find an old blanket to keep in your car in case you come across a road traffic casualty. Although we do not advise you pick it up yourself, you can cover it with the blanket to help keep it warm and hidden from activity going on around it.

Please visit our Rescue Advice page if you think you have an animal in need of help. If you think you may have found an orphaned animal take a look at our Orphan advice page or Fledgling Advice page

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