Spring Update


Now that we are in to the month of May things are changing at the centre.  We have successfully released around 170 hedgehogs back in to the wild.  Some had been with us all over the winter period so it was lovely to see them released back out where they belong.

The baby bird/mammal season is now upon us and many little ones are coming through the doors all needing care and attention.  They all have various stories from cat victims to being found in disused buildings.  The decision to bring a baby animal in to the centre is never taken lightly, we always ask lots of questions to assess the situation first.  If the baby can be left with its mother then this is always first priority.

The centre is extremely busy this time of year so we always appreciate as much support as possible.  We are always looking for volunteers during the days and in the evenings as well as volunteer drivers to collect the animals.  If you can help by donating any items (please see the donate tab) this is also helpful from our Amazon wish list or by collecting from neighbours etc.