Moving Forward …

We have been given a fantastic opportunity thanks to the RSPCA North Wiltshire branch.
Oak and Furrows has, like many other charities, been struggling to raise the full amount needed to keep the centre running each month. However, our local RSPCA branch, a self-funding separate charity (rather than being reliant on the main RSPCA), has been supporting us financially for a while now to help us continue with our rescue and rehabilitation work.

We have now been given a fantastic opportunity and have come together officially. We are delighted to announce our future has been secured which is very reassuring given the current climate. We will continue to operate as normal, and the only changes that will be made will be good ones: we can help more animals, have better facilities and expand on the current service we provide. We will be now known as RSPCA North Wiltshire Oak and Furrows and the telephone number and the 24-hour cover will remain the same.

All the staff at the centre are really excited for the future and how much more we will be able to do. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the local RSPCA for stepping in and keeping us going. Not only that, but another enormous thank you to all our lovely supporters and hope that you will join us in following our new wildlife rescue adventure!