Work Experience

In addition to taking in wildlife casualties we believe in education and work experience for a variety of young people.

The students who take advantage of these placements come from all sorts of institutions. Colleges and universities, schools, and vet schools.

These students make up part of our work force and in return for teaching them as much as we can about British wild animals and birds they provide us with another pair of hands. In order to be able to care for any animal, you first need to know a little about their natural life, behaviour, feeding requirements etc. At Oak & Furrows this is a vast area to deal with as there are so many different species passing through all the time and all need to be assessed very carefully on an individual basis.

'On the job' training is a wonderful way to learn and that is how work experience works here. The students have to take their place within the team, are treated as a member of staff and are expected to behave accordingly. They are put through induction on their first day; this includes health and safety, what is expected from them and what they can expect from us. It is not a making coffee situation, it is real 'work' experience however they do need to understand cleaning it a huge part of the work here.

We also accept students who are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh awards and need to demonstrate that they have undertaken various volunteer roles.  Students must be committed to undertaking a minimum of 3 hours at each shift on a regular basis with us.

If you would like to book a work experience placement with us please email the centre  Places do book up fast, but we will try to accommodate the dates requested where possible.