Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue centre was founded by Serena Stevens in 1994. Before this Serena and her daughter Melissa ('Millie') cared for various wild animals in their home. Millie was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, but loved animals and loved to care for them even through her illness.

Sadly, Millie died at the age of eight and Serena decided to continue their work with wildlife in her memory. After many years of caring for wildlife in their home and garden, Serena decided to found the centre, which only became a charity in 2006.

Once the centre became a registered charity there was an increase in emergency calls and casualties being bought into the care of Serena! The centre had to rapidly expand to accomodate all the casualties.

Then in the autumn of 2007 Gloucestershire Wildlife Rescue Centre (GWRC) closed and merged with Oak and Furrows wildlife rescue meaning that the centre then had to take all the calls and animals from GWRC.

This was closely followed by the closure of Cotswold Animal and Wild Bird Rescue in 2008, which meant another merge and more calls and casualties to cope with.

In 2010 Serena moved onto the land where the centre was based, to offer complete commitment and many hours of work to help all of the patients in her care.

Over the years the centre continued to grow with more and more animals being brought in.  A new site had to be found to accommodate this demand again, and so in 2015 we relocated to Blakehill Nature Reserve near Cricklade.

Each day, the animals receive high quality care with every intention of releasing them once they are back to full health by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers..